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A drawing of my alter ego. The "Old Dog".
This one here is my alter ego. His name is Old Dog (and he is determined to learn new tricks!). He’s not serious, he’s just biting his lip and trying to maintain his cool among all this posturing that I put him through.

Hi there! I’m a Streetphotographer, Art Director and Graphic Designer with long and successful career in print media behind me.

Couple years back when magazines and newspapers really started their decline in popularity, it was a real decision making moment for me. Whether I should totally change my line of work or seek employment elsewhere or something else.

And naturally I went with the third option, turned off the mental billing engine and began to explore what I actually WANT to do.

The years since have been economically challenging but also most rewarding as a person and a visual professional. Photographing, travelling, video editing, learning a new language, filming, social media etc. And now people around me have also taken notice of my exploits and encourage me to continue.

I plan to keep on learning and do my own thing. Stay tuned, I might be writing posts in English too! And if you want to know more or have some interesting project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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